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Burtonport Railway Walk

Access: The eastern side of the track (OSI Map 2, grid ref: C009 309) can be accessed from the N56 close to Creeslough (8km), while the western end (OSI Map 1, grid ref: B944 288 can be accessed from Falcarragh (4km). There are limited parking options at both ends of this short walk

Difficulty: Easy - Lowland walking on flat ground with a defined pathway

Time to complete: 1.5 - 2hrs (Return walk: 3 - 3.5hrs)

Notable features and additional info: Donegal once boasted a railway infrastructure that was developed in the late 1800's. This service linked various areas of Donegal with Derry and Strabane, supporting local trade and commerce. Unfortunately as a result of unsustainable economic changes, all services in the Donegal area were eventually closed in 1959. Remnants of the tracks can still be seen in various locations today and there has recently been a drive to turn some of the abandoned lines into walkways. This particular section of the track has received some development recently with around 8km being successfully converted (As above).

As this walk is in an isolated area, it might be worthwhile to incorporate it into a longer walk from either Dunlewey to Creeslough or Falcarragh to Creeslough.

There is remnants of an old hunting house once used by residents of Glenveagh Castle close to the eastern end of the walk (OSI Map 2, grid ref: C008 316).

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