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Sli Arainn Mhor (Aranmore Island)

OSI Map1, Grid ref: B681 159

Distance: 19.12km

Est. Time to complete: 5hrs + (This will be dependent on how many stops you make for lunch and photo's)

Difficulty: Moderate - This is a long hike with gradual ascents and descents in sections. A good level of fitness is needed as the hike itself is over 19km. The majority of the hike is on narrow roads, however there are some sections that go over old bog tracks. 

Cliff erosion is evident close to the lighthouse so it is advised to stay away from cliff edges and take great care if approaching them.

The Sli Arainn Mhor is marked with yellow signs on a black background, there is also a looped route marked with purple arrows on a white background and is easily followed along each section of the hike.

Notable Features: The island is located close to Burtonport and is a 20min ferry ride from the mainland. There is a car ferry service that leaves at various times throughout the day for those wishing to take their vehicle, however if you are planning a day hike on the island it may make more sense to leave your car in Burtonport. 

The islanders are very welcoming and there are a number of local businesses that offer food and drink, including accommodation options (Be aware however that some businesses may be closed in the off-season so food options may be limited mid week).

Two of the more notable features are the lighthouse and emigration memorial located on the north of the Island, however every part of the island has its own hidden secrets and offers great photo opportunities.

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