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Sli Thorai (Tory Island)

OSI Map 1, Grid ref: B856 464

Distance: 9km

Est. Time to complete: 3hrs + (This will be dependent on how you spend your time on the walk, there are many stop off points for photo opportunities and to enjoy your pre-packed lunch)

Difficulty: Easy - Majority of this walk is conducted on roadway/pathway. The east side of the Island is known for its high cliffs so care should be taken (specifically around Cric).

Notable features: Boats to the Island leave Magheraroarty pier at various times throughout the day, the trip itself will take around 45-50mins. Timetables for sailings can be found on the attached link Tory Ferry.

The boat will drop you off on West town pier and the beginning of your hike. A small colourful town with lots of traditional character awaits. Irish is the main language spoken on the island, but everyone speaks English as well so you will have no problem conversing and the islanders are very welcoming.

Most people will begin their journey on a westerly direction for the first half of the hike, taking you on a looped route past the Lighthouse (Teach an tSolais) and back towards West Town. This is a remote and exposed part of the island with traditional stone paving and wildlife in abundance, particularly close to the lake.

After passing through West town, you will then travel in an Easterly direction along a linear route. This side of the Island is more populated and has a tarmacked road to walk along. You will pass through East Town and then towards the high cliffs. The cliffs are exposed to the elements and although worth visiting, great care should be taken. It is possible to get some of the stunning views without having to approach the edges.

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